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Diego and I would like to THANK YOU for all the hard work, the back and forth, the multiple calls/e-mails, and much patience that went into making the sale of the duplex happen. Real estate sales are not always easy, and the problematic tenants made this one seem like a epic feat!!
Thank you for your energetic disposition and patience, as well as Ana Maria’s. You guys make quite a team!!
Best wishes to you and your family, and we hope to work with you again in the future.
Maria & Diego

We decided to relocate from Houston, TX, to Miami, FL, and was introduced to Oscar through a mutual connection. We had been frequent visitors to South Florida and had some familiarity with the area, but had never explored ownership or permanent residency. Therefore, we decided we did not want to make a purchase decision without getting to know the area and markets better.
So, as a first step, Oscar helped us locate and negotiate a lease on a great condo on Miami Beach. Next we set about the task of exploring the various neighborhoods that might work for us in terms of lifestyle, price point, etc. Admittedly we did some flailing around before we decided exactly where we wanted to be. Throughout this process, as Oscar got to know us better he was extremely patient and very helpful in advising us what was best for us rather than just trying to sell us a house.
Once we identified the house we wanted, Oscar was instrumental in negotiating an excellent deal with a very difficult seller. We have now purchased the home and are in the process of major renovations. Again, being relatively new to the area Oscar has been invaluable in making recommendations on various service providers to facilitate that process. Truthfully, without Oscar’s contacts and assistance we don’t think we would have purchased a property requiring major renovations. For us, Oscar has been a full service broker in every sense of the term.”

Mike Kutsch & Tammy Coselli
Miami, FL

My daughter who is a realtor in Broward County introduced us to Oscar Arellano by forwarding me his company’s email updates of their new real estate listings in Miami. My initial impression of Oscar and Fortune International Realty were very positive. The volume and quality of the listings were very impressive. That was all fine and good but with our home in Broward County we did not think we would be using his services at all. As fate has it, my son who owned a home in Miami, moved on to a “better place” and we, Mom and Dad, were tasked with the job of selling his Miami home. What we did next was a “no brainer.” We called Oscar Arellano of Fortune International Realty of course! We sat down with Oscar to talk business. That was early January, 2014. Oscar and his team member, Ana Maria, were considerate and very professional. They knew the area well and in fact had sold many homes in the immediate location. We felt very comfortable with Oscar and were never talked down to. We had a great exchange; never felt our opinions were disregarded. The home went on the market in the middle of January, 2014 and within one week; we had a reasonable offer that we accepted. Now the fun part begins: buyer’s inspection, buyer’s mortgage commitment and closing. Yes, we had some minor hurdles along the way, but must admit Oscar and Ana Maria held our hands throughout the process. The three extensions to original closing date made us impatient, but again, Oscar held things together. We survived and the closing took place eight weeks after accepting offer. That’s pretty remarkable. Oscar and Ana Maria were always on top of things. Oscar always returned our calls, took the time to explain to us the process and through it all, always had a great sense of humor. We definitely would recommend Oscar Arellano and Fortune International Realty to anyone who is looking to buy or sell property.

Joseph and Coena Iacovone
Miami, FL

Oscar is a true professional who made the process of selling my home very easy and did so very quickly. Within two weeks of listing my home, we received an offer on the house and sold it right away. Oscar was always very professional and available with any questions or concerns throughout the process. He has a great personality that is a joy to work with and evident of his love of his career. I believe that his love for real estate ensured that my property was sold quickly and that everyone was very happy throughout. I would work with Oscar again gladly and recommend him to all of my friends.

Inmaculada Murga
Miami, FL

We were selling our parent’s home, where we grew up and made memories for 35 years. Needless to say, it was an emotional sell. Oscar listened to our concerns but was always steadfast. He knew the neighborhood well and knew what the asking and selling price should be.He was on point and knows his craft extremely well. We could not be more grateful for his professionalism and follow through. We cannot thank him enough!

Ana and Frank A. Ramos on behalf of our parents, Olga and Francisco Ramos
Miami, FL


After working with dozens of Miami Realtors it was a wonderful pleasure to finally work with a professional such as Oscar. He makes purchasing property a breeze. His multiple contacts really brought the entire purchasing experience under a single umbrella. I would recommend Oscar to all my friends and family.

Enzo Dalmazzo
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Oscar Arellano is one of the most professional individuals I have ever met. The way he conducts his business is both aggressive and honest. He was able to get the job done without any hidden agenda. In the most accommodating manner, he was willing to go the extra mile by coming to my home and brining me a lease contract without having to go to where he was. Not only is he personable but very good at what he does. It is evident that he enjoys his career and takes the utmost pride in providing excellent customer service to his clients. He proves to be very knowledgeable as well as experienced, which led me to trust his judgments throughout the process in looking for the best prospective candidate for my properties. Oscar took the time while he was experiencing the recent birth of his first born to still keep in contact with his clients and make sure there wasn’t anything left undone. This shows his true dedication and professionalism towards his future in this market. One thing is certain—Oscar is a person, even in a short period of time, who is reliable and definitely one to have on your team!

Ricardo Lopez
Miami, FL

We have known Oscar for several years. He is very dedicated and professional in every aspect of the word. You can really expect to receive prompt replies, always keeping you informed up to date and anything he is handling for you. Oscar has a great outgoing personality which is a joy to work with. When you are looking for someone to get the job done without any doubts go no further he will get it done. Always searching for new ideas, and willing to help others in the best way possible he will do what it takes. We feel very fortunate to have met him and will continue to use his expertise services.

Henry & Atilda Alvarido
Coral Gables

I had the opportunity to see Oscar in action when he got the listing to sell my daughter’s house last year. She had been through 2 previous agents and was a disappointed at the lack of activity that they had generated. All we heard from them was how the economy was in bad shape and nobody was buying real estate, etc. etc. Well, Oscar came in and all of the sudden he was showing the house every weekend and many weekdays. People kept coming back and in a matter of 3 months, the house was sold, and at a fair price. We are now getting ready to sell my mother’s house and the first thing I suggested to my brother and sisters was- “Give it to Oscar”. We did and we know he will do a great job again. He has the knowledge, perseverance, and enthusiasm that is required to succeed in this down market.

Augustine Arellano
Miami, FL

Oscar and his Real Estate team are awesome. Very professional and knowledgeable. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Jorge Calil
Black & Gold Real Estate Holdings, LLC
Miami, FL

Oscar has been very responsible in helping me selling my house within a month, really good with the market pricing and it only took us 2 open houses to get an offer. Oscar is very fast in responding emails and texts and very supportive when the situation calls for. He was with me on every step on the journey of selling my house and helped me on every single detail in between. This entire experience can be so overwhelming and you walked me through every step of the way by believing in me, understanding my vision and all the business details in between. Your expertise in this field is outstanding and your patience is commendable.
Thank you Oscar. It was our pleasure working with you.

Rosir Flores
U.S Legal Risk Management and Assurance
Miami, FL


Oscar did an amazing job renting all my townhomes. Very honest, professional and responsible.

Dr. Ross Sherban
Buffalo, NY



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