BLOG: COVID-19 EDITION | PHASE 1 | 21 of May 2020


While sheltering at home practically feeling we are on an island all alone at times but as we know, to move forward in life, one must find clever ways to be resourceful and ready to adapt. Our dogs are in the best shape ever, agree? Our front yards have never seen so much love spending time on them like never before for grocery drop-offs, birthday caravans, graduations, even some weddings giving us a sense of support and community we all crave and miss.

In the meantime… it’s time to STAND UP, MIAMI! A few days ago, we received exciting news from our government officials on many businesses reopening this week and it is the best news in a few months! Being one of the strongest small business town in the US, our economy has been hit but as usual, we are educating ourselves, keeping our elderly as safe as possible and ready to enjoy our Magic City! Check out more details here how our government officials are guiding our community in Phase 1:
And within Coral Gables, here is the guide for Phase 1:

In true Miami style, we will bounce back even better with continued social distance and a new global fashion trend… MASKS during Phase 1 to help boost our city and keep flattening the curve while having a little fun.

They have become a staple in our daily lives by helping the world in so many ways and especially when leaving our homes to be able to shop safely, do quick visits with our loved ones keeping distance sporting them from disposable ones, to homemade, funny and branded with our small business logos but the best part, all the donations that have come of this for our frontline heroes. And just in time for this honorable long-weekend in Wynwood, you have a chance to create your very own mask but remember you still have to wear one – everyone does! Check this out:

And last but very important, Memorial Day weekend has been one to be the onset of summer in the US and in Miami it has become famous from the Keys, mini-escapes, South Beach, BBQ and parades to honor our fallen heroes – let’s not forget. Check out a little more what to do during this time around town while still sheltering in place.

Hope these tips and information aids you when it comes to added resources on how to embrace our beautiful Miami during Phase 1 and just in time to honor Memorial Day.

Feel free to share with friends and family too – remember my motto still stands: I move fast so you can too!
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