Who continues to adapt working from home? Who struggles with it? Who loves it? Who wishes they can? Who would love a bake sale right about now? It’s not a local topic but a global one!

As we slowly receive positive news from our government officials about some reopenings next week in Miami, undoubtedly, we are still living in ambiguous times staying cautious and sheltering at home somewhat. We are excited about this news and that better days are coming yet telecommunication has jumped to levels we’ve never seen before. People are looking to connect to the outside world through technology on so many levels, finding new ways of working and adapting to create spaces at home in a blink has been very challenging if you’re not used to it – that’s the majority of us!

Will homeowners consider renovations? List their current homes for one that has upgraded amenities and/or convertible spaces they lack in their current homes? Maybe the open-concept we have grown to love such as this renovated 2/1 Old Spanish home we currently have listed at 820 Wallace St in Coral Gables is a fabulous upgrade for a starter home or for someone that no longer wants to be in a high-rise?

No matter how large or small your space is, it is ideal for buyers to have convertible spaces moving forward. We are seeing a demand for them and to be able to create a home office for example whether it’s for yourself, your children or a family member, it’s about efficiency and creative use of space to avoid winding up on the floor with the kids, pets or both along with 100 other papers.

Here are some tips on how our homes moving forward post-shelter-at-home could be much more attractive for potential buyers as well…

1) Conversion of a guest room to a home office: How many of us that have this bonus truly use this space? With an increasing demand for a home office, a converted guest room into a functioning home office is a great for privacy when need to work from home and highlight when listing your home.

2) Quite well lighted separate area: if unable to have a dedicated enclosed office space, this is a must-have to at least have a space to transform into from busier areas of the house with a window to receive the sun’s rays or even a small nook where there is good energy.

3) Functional spaces – let’s say you and your spouse/significant other work from home and your space no longer brings you harmony. If able to Look for a home that has balanced layouts, open covered patios, split-bedrooms designs, or even multiple levels.

4) Amenities: Convert the closet into bookshelves, new window treatments, vision boards, mini refrigerator, coffee maker, add some workout equipment to get in a good stretch or great for a homework corner.

And speaking of a mini refrigerator in your fabulous new work space at home, you have to have some local goodies and here is your chance! Did you know that right her in our backyard in beautiful Coral Gables, there is a drive-up bake sale happening on Sunday, May 17, 2020… again? Check out more details on the link and on social media.

The Lee Brian Schrager “Putting on the Pounds (LBS) Bake Sale” Benefiting Restaurant Relief that helps raise thousands for our beloved hospitality industry. Check out more information on these two links. Maybe see you there?

Hope these tips and information aids you when it comes to added resources for your home check list. Feel free to share with friends and family too – remember my motto still stands: I move fast so you can too!

For more information, visit us too on Instagram: oscar_arellano_realtor and always at +305.525.7324. Look forward to meeting you! On behalf of all of us at The Oscar Arellano Team, thank you for the confidence you give us to better serve you.