Single Family Home Sales | Coral Gables | Price Per Square Foot | February 2018

In the month of February 2018, we saw an increase in the number of sales from January to February. There was a total of 25 closed transactions in Coral Gables. There was a total of 5 waterfront properties that sold this month.
The price per square foot for this month water-front properties were $1,012.62, $1,143.00, $521.55, $485.86,and $519.66. Last month no water-front properties were sold. The sales price for  water-front properties this month was $8,100,000 , $4,500,000, $3,749,000, $3,700,000 and $1,095,000.
The average price per square foot of non-waterfront homes was $619.46 which is much higher from last month’s average of $405.01 That’s due to a non-waterfront property selling for $3,525,000. Stay tuned to the blog to see how the trends in Coral Gables change over the month of March!