#RealtorBUZZ – Three day notice

This is Oscar Arellano, welcome to another episode of realtor buzz. Today’s episode we’re going to talk about a three-day notice. What is a three-day notice? Three-days is when the tenant has not paid a landlord in time. Legally the first thing you need to do is notify them with a 3-day notice. Either post it on their door or send it in the mail certified or registered mail or have your agents and delivered to the tenants. Within original three days, the tenant must pay the landlord or move out whichever one. If they pay everything is fine. If they don’t pay within those three days or move out then the landlord needs to evict the tenant. Here is an example of a three-day notice. If you have any questions on any real estate matters looking to buy, sell or lease your property? Please, contact me, Oscar Arellano.