#RealtorBUZZ – Why did my house not sell?

This is Oscar Arellano, welcome to another episode of realtor buzz. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about why did my house not sell the first time? A Very common question I receive from sellers when the interview me and they’ve had a prior realtor before me and it did not sell, well there’s several reasons why? Most important for the price. Second; it could be the realtor who did not know the area or three; maybe the realtor who was not being aggressive in marking the property correctly or returning phone calls properly. So one of the main things you want to do is make sure the realtor you hire knows the area, and prices it correctly. I have been a second realtor before, work at the house sold in a month and they had no offer at six months prior to that. If you have any questions on any real-estate manner looking to buy, sell or relist your home? Please free to contact me, Oscar Arellano.