#RealtorBuzz – How Much is My House Really Worth

Hi, this Oscar Arellano and welcome to another episode of Realtor Buzz. In today’s episode we are going to talk about how much the house is really worth. Well, it really varies, there’s average per square foot for an area in Coral Gables is 350 square foot now average. You can take that number and multiply it times square footage for every house. It all varies, maybe your neighbor has a lot of double a lot, maybe the house cross-street was on a waterway, maybe the house cross-street was completely renovated and yours is not. So it really varies on many factors. There’s no street number per square foot multiply it by your by your square footage. You have to ask professional real estate agent in the area to go ahead and basically value a house and give you his opinion on what it’s worth. If you have any questions or need evaluation on the house you are going to buy, sell or lease your home? Please, contact me at Oscar Arellano.