#REALTORBuzz – Difference between licensed and experienced Realtors

Hello, This is Oscar Arellano with another episode of #RealtorBUZZ. Today we are going to talk about the difference between experience and the amount of years of holding a real estate license. So what are the differences?

Years of holding a license do not guarantee experience in the field. You could have a license since 1980 and have done ten transactions in a lifetime versus someone who has had a license for five years and has done 500 transactions.

I have had situations where I go for an interview for a listing, and the owners would say, “My neighbor Johnny from XYZ Realty has had their license since 1980.” And I say, “Great! Let me ask you a question. How many transactions has Johnny done?” They would say something like, “Well I think he does maybe one a year. Last year he did one for his family and the year before that he helped a friend sell his home.” I would say, “ Ok Great! Well, I have been doing this for 14 years, but I have done close to 1000 transactions.”

I have had my license for a shorter period of time than Johnny, but I have had more experience. In this market, when you are looking for a realtor, make sure they know the market. Make sure they know the new contracts and make sure they are in-tune with all the changes.

Just because someone has had a license for a longer period of time than someone else, doesn’t mean they have more experience or that they are a better realtor for that matter.

An FYI, when you are interviewing Realtors, make sure they have volume in transactions and experience.

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