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Listed For Sale at $3,500,000

This primary care practice is a rare gem that integrates traditional internal medicine and pediatric services with a full suite of diagnostics including ultrasounds, EKG, ambulatory pressure monitor, allergy testing and treatment as well as integrated weight loss services. Gynecological primary care, preventive care and wellness are also part of the services provided. Telemedicine services are now being offered as well as a growing population of concierge care patients. Dispensing pharmacy services are provided and patients are able to get most medications at the office with their insurance or at modest prices. The senior physician is one of only a handful of doctors nationwide that has passed the Certifying Examination of the American Board of Bariatric Medicine and provides medical weight loss programs to the community. This lucrative service helps patient get to target body mass index using FDA approved medications for weight loss. This is a booming sector of service for an aging baby boom population that is overcome with weight related chronic illness including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Weight loss services are not covered in most cases by insurance, making this a cash revenue stream with unlimited potential for growth.

The office is housed in an attractive multipurpose office building that is class A and built less than 10 years ago. The office is located on the first floor near the main entrance and elegant lobby for quick and easy access by patients in wheelchairs and the elderly. The office has 4 separate entrances dedicated to administration, medical services, weight loss and diagnostic services.

The practice as has been a bedrock of the community for almost 25 years with a location that is central to the growing Kendall and South Florida area. Expanses to the west are being developed with new multipurpose communities and single family dwellings and the practice is supported by a multimillion dollar general medical hospital that has been built in the past 6 years by Baptist Health Systems. The practice is well known in the area and services both the newborn and geriatric population. The senior physician has recently been recognized as a Civil Surgeon by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and very lucrative immigration services are now being provided with a growing reputation in this service sector. This provides a new revenue source that is only now beginning to grow. Remarkably, the office is a few blocks away from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Field office in Kendall, one of only 3 in Miami Dade County providing an abundant opportunity to provide these lucrative services. This immigration office is a magnet for nearby Collier County, Monroe and southern Miami Dade County.

The practice has a solid presence on the internet and has an active Facebook, Instagram and webpage that is visited by patients 24 hours a day to make appointments through the ZOC DOC platform. An aggressive radio advertising program promoting telemedicine and Direct Patient Care Services has been underway since early 2016.

Across the street is Miami Executive Airport, a gateway to elite patients from the Caribbean and Latin America that come for executive care and private medical services. A bilingual office staff and medical corps is available to service patients in Spanish and English.

The senior physician is capable to staying with the practice for a negotiable period of time based on a baseline salary. There are two board certified and highly experienced nurse practitioners and a general practitioner on full time staff. After hours services are provided by the senior physician who has passed 7 certifying examinations in internal medicine, pediatrics and medical bariatrics. The senior physician is also on staff at the prestigious Bapist Hospital of Miami and the nearby West Kendall Baptist Hospital only 6 minutes away from the office.

The office is open late on Monday until 7 pm and until 5 pm on other days but has multiple urgent care contracts that need to be developed as well as workman compensation contracts that are fertile grounds for profits. The office is surrounded by industrial areas that need this type of support including Lexus of Miami, Alienware, Coulter Corporation and many aeronautical support industries that service the airport across the street.