Harness the Power of Creativity

Harness the Power of Creativity


Creativity promotes both physical health and mental happiness. But, you don’t have to write a best seller or paint a masterpiece to reap the benefits. Frequently trying new things is the real key.

If you’re feeling stuck, here are some great ways to light that creative spark:

In 10 minutes or less you can …
Listen to music, which stimulates motor actions, emotions and creativity in the brain. Write something by hand, instead of typing or texting. Get an opinion from someone you’ve never asked before, expanding your perspective. Pick a single word from the dictionary and write down everything that comes to mind about it. (Sounds counterintuitive, but artists use restrictions to actually boost creativity.)

In 30 minutes or less you can …
Work on something by hand: cooking, knitting or home decorating can be mood enhancing as well as practical. Express yourself with a coloring book for adults, the latest relaxation trend. Go outside for fresh air, or a brisk walk, to engage all five senses. Play a video game to energize problem-solving skills. Take a nap to stimulate right-brain activity and help you see things in new light. Read new things; try essays, poetry, short stories, biographies or some genre different than what you typically gravitate towards.

Long-term you can …
Visit new places; multicultural experiences support the cognitive process behind innovations. Take a class through community education or a local arts organization to learn something new like making stained glass or dancing. Schedule regular alone time to get in touch with your thoughts; this can lead to breakthroughs and ideas.

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