“A go-getter, intelligent, knowledgeable and very, very responsive”

thank you note

One of the many reasons I love my job is because I get to meet many people and make long lasting relationships with them, such as Abby Perlmutter. I met Abby P. six years ago when I assisted her in renting out her home in High Pines. After 6 years of aiding and guiding her, she came to me wanting to sell her home. I am humbled and forever grateful to Abby for trusting in me all these years. In the end, it is very rewarding to see how pleased she was with the sale of her home and I am sharing with you now her words of satisfaction;

“I met Oscar six years ago when he found a tenant for my house. I knew immediately that when I decided to sell my house he would be the one to sell it. He was a go-getter, intelligent, knowledgeable and very, very responsive. During the 6 years I had my house rented Oscar and I stayed in touch, and he was always available for advice about any leasing issues and what to do about selling my house. When the decision was made to sell, I of course hired Oscar. Oscar made the process incredibly easy. He priced the house perfectly, negotiated quickly, intelligently, sold and closed within 30 days. It was a terrific! Six years later, Oscar is all of the wonderful things he was when I first met him and much, much more. As soon as I decide to buy again, I’ll call Oscar.-Abigail Perlmutter”