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Turn Prospects into Clients with an Effective Presentation!

Dynamic business meetings, those that accomplish a set goal, rely on mutual respect. Yes, it sounds cliché, but respect really is a “two-way street.” In order to obtain that respect from clients or potential clients, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of business relationships. Everyone wants to feel important, that his or her time is valuable, and the person who set up the meeting has taken this into consideration.

For that reason, punctuality matters. Never keep a prospect waiting. And brevity also counts. Move your presentation from point to point in a clear and concise manner, but without appearing rushed. Don’t elaborate or belabor a point unless asked for further explanation. And never make your prospects yawn!

Kim T. Gordon, president of the National Marketing Federation, Inc. and a noted speaker, elaborated on business meeting etiquette in an article on entitled, “10 Steps for Successful Sales Meetings”.

“Many entrepreneurs face a common challenge as they launch and grow their companies – their first meetings with prospects.” Here are some of Gordon’s recommendations:

Gather background information. A pre-qualifying telephone call helps determine prospects’ needs. Set a realistic goal. Your ultimate goal is to turn the prospect into a client. At the very least, set up the next meeting date, and establish the interim objectives. Prepare quality materials. Make sure your print collateral has eye appeal and holds interest. Rehearse your presentation. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a sales presentation where the speaker fumbles and is all-thumbs with charts or graphs. Observe your prospects carefully. Take clues from body language. Are your prospects sitting forward in their chairs, hanging on your every word and nodding with interest? Or, are they sitting back, nearly reclining, with arms crossed and a look of boredom and disbelief? In the latter case, switch gears before you lose them.

As you uncover the needs of the prospect, be ready to provide viable solutions and present case history examples to support your statements. Above all, remember that prospects are people. Be professional, but also be people friendly, and turn each prospect meeting into a home run.

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