Building A Referral Network

Building A Referral Network


How to Reach Out to Those Around You

Everyone has heard the expression, “It’s not what you know but who you know.” Of course this isn’t entirely true, but having a successful referral network can lead to a significant increase in satisfied clients with minimal effort on your part.

Have you ever gone into a large home improvement store, trying to find a certain item, only to come face-to-face with a wall of similar products? It can be overwhelming. Imagine if you had an expert right there to tell you what you need to know. Now imagine a team of experts throughout the store, all ready to assist you. This is what a successful referral network should be.

Choose Your Partners Wisely

It is important to select your referral partners carefully. When you recommend someone, your client is trusting your opinion. It only takes one bad experience to sour a relationship. On the other hand, a positive experience will stay in people’s minds and encourage them to return to you for additional advice. Be sure that you are confident about the quality of work your referral partner can provide.

Get To Know Your Network

It is easy to remember that Mr. Smith is a CPA or Ms. Taylor is a financial planner. But what is it that makes them stand out? It’s helpful to sit down with other professionals and learn about their unique selling proposition. By taking the time to learn about their specialties, you will be able to provide a more qualified referral. You may also use this opportunity to identify how you work with clients and why your services are worth recommending.

Referral Karma

By teaming up with other professionals outside of your field, you are providing your clients with an extra level of service. Not only will they appreciate it, they will also remember you the next time they need a reliable source. In addition, your referral partners will keep you in mind when their clients are looking for a professional.

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