House Shopping or Christmas Shopping?

gift-equityOnce again the holiday season is among us. Most people think of trimming a tree, shopping for gifts, or planning a special holiday meal. Many people tend to think the housing market slows down during this time. This assumption is actually quite inaccurate. I am still surprised, after 11 years as a Realtor, that buyers are house hunting days before Christmas or New Years.

During the holidays, phone calls, emails, and text messages are coming in like any other time of year. Many people don’t consider this a time to think about buying a home. But for those who do, there are many benefits. There is less competition when placing offers on properties, as others are preparing for the holidays. Also, its possible to negotiate lower prices from motivated sellers. I have found in my experience that closings may be quicker as lenders want to get their books closed for the end of the year, making them favor closing a transaction faster.

On a related note from the Realtor’s end, those in the process of buying or selling a home during the holidays are usually available on their days off – meaning weekends and holidays. As a Realtor, its often difficult to disconnect from work for the holidays for this reason. Some of the most important things you need to have to succeed as a Realtor is the passion, love and dedication for this career. I have found my experience and passion for this field allows me to stay connected during the holidays for all of those year-end home shoppers.