Coral Gables Single Family Home Sales – September 2014


In the month of September was saw the biggest decline in single family homes sales in Coral Gables. there were a total of 18 single family home sales, much lower than the 31 sales in August, and huge drop from the 54 sales mid-year in June. Of the 19 sales, only one was a waterfront home and two were golf course front properties. The average price per square foot for non-waterfront homes was $366.92 slightly up from the $358.40 average of August.

The average price per square foot for waterfront homes was $331,  significantly lower than the $623.50 average last month, however this is only based on one sale which has a huge influence. The average price per square foot of golf front properties was $400.52

Stay tuned to the blog to see how the trends in Coral Gables change over the month of October!