Miracle Mile Approved for Make-Over

Stantec Miracle Mile - Spine 3D Rendering Ready

Coral Gables City Commission finally passed the long awaited project of making-over Miracle Mile, the heart of Downtown Coral Gables. The project, which could begin by next June, will cost around $18.8 million, which is to be split between property owners and the city. Members of the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables said they are thrilled with the changes on the way and will work with the city to minimize financial burders and business interruptions.

Some of the changes underway is to add wider sidewalks, public art displays, and open plazas to create pedestrian-friendly areas and build foot traffic. Also, the streets will feature improved lighting, tree grates, benches, kiosks, better signage for businesses and parking garages, more welcoming connections to garages and alleyways and permanent valet stations.

The district is asking the city to raise parking fees up 25 cents an hour to help offset the cost to merchants.

Construction is set to take about 18 months.