What it Takes to Get that Deal Closed! 806 Parma Ave, Coral Gables

A1617651_201_12I am proud to announce my listing at 806 Parma Avenue has closed today. This particular listing had a few complications and required some extra steps in order to reach the closing table. Often times, we must go out of the box in order to get a deal done and this listing really needed that push.

When showings for 806 Parma Ave began, the home was occupied by tenants. They gave me a one hour slot, one day per week in order to show the property. This proved to be quite a challenge but I still was able to get buyers into the lovely home.

A0CCA82A-34ED-4B7A-959C-EEA691F9BC94I realized that the only way to show the value in this home was to make sure it was in its best condition. I hired a handyman and a professional landscaping service to come and make sure the home looked its best. After several open houses and showings, I had several interested buyers. Being the representative for both the buyer and seller, I wanted to make sure everyone was very happy at the end of the deal.

I assisted the tenants in moving out a couple of weeks before closing date by arranging for a moving service to come. The day before closing, I went to make sure the home was at its top condition and noticed that the pool water had turned an unpleasant shade of green because the electricity and water had been shut off. Within a few hours I arranged for the utilities to be turned back on and had my pool maintenance team come and service the pool at 5:30AM the day of closing. I wanted to make sure my buyers were happy!

At the end of it all, it turned out to be a successful closing, with happy buyers and sellers. I was able to negotiate a full price contract for my seller and made sure my buyer was happy with his new home. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the usual actions to ensure that a deal gets closed. This is what it means to be a full service Realtor.

Details of 806 Parma Avenue, Coral Gables

  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 4 1/2
  • 4,527 Sq. Ft. Living Space
  • 17,500 Sq. Ft. Lot
  • Listed at $1,400,000


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