5 Surprising Ways to Add Value To Your Home

image005 (1)If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, chances are you’re looking to add some last-minute value to your home. You’ve probably heard many of the conventional ways to add value to your home, but these five surprising ways to add value to your home may catch you by surprise – Based on the most recent home buying trends.

Create Space

Open space helps make rooms look larger, cleaner, and helps enhance the flow of your home. Simple fixes such as moving furniture around and removing unnecessary islands or dividers are a great first step. Knocking out non-structural walls or replacing swinging doors with sliding doors can also help free up lots of space and open your rooms up.

Buyers are currently looking for an open floor plan, and buyers who can afford to be choosy will be willing to pay up for a well-spaced home.

Add and Adjust Lighting

Lighting can help make small spaces feel larger, can make empty spaces feel cozy, and can set the mood of a room. Consider adding extra light bulbs or sun tubes to help increase the lighting in your home – especially if you live in an urban area that frequently forces you to keep your shades closed.

Adding dimmers to your existing lights can also be a great selling point. Buyers have been responding very well to dimmable lights because they allow you to choose the perfect lighting to fit your mood.

PS if you haven’t heard of sun tubes, check out this article. They funnel natural light into your rooms and are extremely eco-friendly… which brings us to our next tip.

Go Green

Buyers are increasingly looking for energy efficient homes that will help lower their utility bills while protecting the environment. When upgrading your appliances, research thoroughly for the most energy efficient appliances for the money. Many energy-efficient appliances will become much more affordable when you factor in the green tax credits.

Research published in The Appraisal Journal has estimated that energy savings enhance the property’s value by 20x their annual energy savings.

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Remove the Question Marks From Your House

Fix or remove any parts of your home that potential buyers may find unappealing. It can be tempting to say “I fixed up almost everything – that cracked threshold isn’t a big deal” or “The money I put into the inside of my home will outweigh the cracked step on our porch,” but this type of complacency will lead to lost opportunity.

The more that buyers question certain attributes of your home, the more likely they are to lose interest. We suggest having a trustworthy friend or family member come in and tell you their “question marks” in your home. This will help you understand what needs to be fixed.

Add That WOW Factor

Sometimes a lack of “question marks” just isn’t enough. Many buyers like to be wowed as they walk into a room. What kind of unique or valuable addition can you make to your home that will capture the eye of potential homebuyers? New floors, granite countertops, nice bathrooms or a beautiful kitchen backsplash can all capture the attention of potential buyers and can drastically increase the value of your home.


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