"Oscar has Been a Full Service Broker in Every Sense of the Term"


Each day I set out to make sure my clients are receiving the best possible experience in the already difficult task of purchasing a home. In the case of my clients Mike Kutsch & Tammy Coselli who were coming from Texas, I needed to make sure that not only was I making the home-buying process as easy as possible, but that I assisted my clients in the transition of moving to a completely new state. In the end, it is very rewarding to see they are pleased and I am sharing with you now their words of praise.

“We decided to relocate from Houston, TX, to Miami, FL, and was introduced to Oscar through a mutual connection.  We had been frequent visitors to South Florida and had some familiarity with the area, but had never explored ownership or permanent residency.  Therefore, we decided we did not want to make a purchase decision without getting to know the area and markets better.  So, as a first step, Oscar helped us locate and negotiate a lease on a great condo on Miami Beach.
Next we set about the task of exploring the various neighborhoods that might work for us in terms of lifestyle, price point, etc.  Admittedly we did some flailing around before we decided exactly where we wanted to be.  Throughout this process, as Oscar got to know us better he was extremely patient and very helpful in advising us what was best for us rather than just trying to sell us a house.  Once we identified the house we wanted, Oscar was instrumental in negotiating an excellent deal with a very difficult seller.

We have now purchased the home and are in the process of major renovations. Again, being relatively new to the area Oscar has been invaluable in making recommendations on various service providers to facilitate that process.  Truthfully, without Oscar’s contacts and assistance we don’t think we would have purchased a property requiring major renovations. For us, Oscar has been a full service broker in every sense of the term.” 

Mike Kutsch & Tammy Coselli