The Importance of Working with an Experienced Realtor like Oscar Arellano

realtor-experience-nar-studyPurchasing a home can be a huge milestone and its important to know and feel confident that your Realtor is experienced. Having an experienced and educated Realtor can help ensure a seamless purchase.

Importance of knowing Market Trends, Researching, and Advertising

One of the main reasons an experienced Realtor can help expedite your experience of buying or selling a home is through their knowledge of the market. Knowing the current market trends allow me to make educated decisions when it comes to finding a home that meets your needs, budget, and location.

Also, it helps on the selling side by correctly pricing a home. Making sure that home is priced just right ensures increased activity from buyers to view a home and make offers. Many studies show that the longer a home is on the market, the less it is worth. Which is why pricing it accurately from the beginning is so important.

Another important aspect in selling a home is correctly advertising it. Advertising allows many potential buyers and other Realtors to see your home, increasing the activity and amount of offers received. I use many different forms of advertising, including social media, email blasts, online marketing, and printed marketing.

realtors-300x227Knowledgeable about the Industry

I have worked in the industry for 11 years now. After graduating from FIU and working as an accountant, I decided to leave my career and pursue real estate full time. Since then, I have averaged about 60-80 transactions per year. I personally believe that a higher volume of transactions is more important than years involved. Many Realtors may work part time, have few transactions per year, or even work in real estate as a side job. Even if they have 30 years under their belt, they still do not have the same level of experience as a Realtor who has had many transactions. Each transaction is different, giving the Realtor a brand new experience which helps them foresee things that might fall through the cracks and can make sure small issues don’t stand in the way of closing on your dream home.