Home Shoppers Should Have an Easier Time this Spring!

Closing-2Could home buyers have less competition and an easier time to find the home of their dreams as the home shopping season begins to heat up? The answer is, yes! According to data which surveyed 110 economists, real estate experts and investment and market strategists, it found that investors – both individuals and companies – who bought up lower priced and foreclosed homes throughout the recovery are expected to take a step back in their activity.

For the regular homebuyer this news means that the level of competition may ease up a bit. Buyers who will enter the market in the next few months will not be competing with cash rich investors like they were last year. A gradual decline of investor activity should be seen as another sign of the market slowly returning to normal.  Since September 2012, the Federal Reserve has been purchasing tens of billions of dollars’ worth of Treasure bonds and mortgages securities each month, which has helped keep interest rates low and stimulate demand.

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