Fixer Upper or Turn Key?

turnkeyAs a Realtor we have to know exactly what our clients need and what will best fit their personal interest. Due to the fact that every buyer is different, it is important to discuss the different options available and helping them choose what works best for their needs.

One question that is often asked is whether or not they should buy a home that is move-in ready or one that will require some repairs and fixing up. There are pros and cons for each one and discussing them with your buyer can help make their home buying experience that much easier.

Purchasing a Turn-Key Home

Purchasing a turn-key home is often the most popular choice. Since many people don’t have the skills or extra money to take on renovating a fixer-upper, having a home ready to move in is generally easiest. Many foreign investors prefer turn-key homes because they don’t have the ability to oversee repairs and don’t want to worry about contractors or permitting, which can often prove to be a headache.

Going with a Fixer-Upper?


However, there are still some buyers who prefer fixer-uppers. It can be a great way to purchase a home that is larger or in a better neighborhood than they might have been able to afford otherwise. Sometimes buyers who do not qualify for a more expensive home plan to buy low and eventually fix it up over time, or they may want to invest in the home with the idea of selling it for much more.

It is important for your buyer to take into consideration that purchasing a fixer-upper isn’t as easy as one may think, but with enough time and resources it can prove to save them some money overtime.

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