Beware of Tax Refund Identity Theft

Beware of Tax Refund Identity Thefdownload

According to the Federal Trade Commission, In 2013 the number of identity theft complaints involved in tax returns jumped from about 15 perfect to 43 percent

In 2012 according to the Inspector General at the Treasury Department, estimated that over the next five years, the IRS could issue $21-billion dollars in potentially fraudulent tax refunds.

IRS has assigned about 3,000 employees to work on the identity theft cases.

You should receive your refund within 21-days after filing electronically. In the meantime, taxpayers are urged to protect themselves and personal information with these tips:

  •          Don’t keep your social security card in your wallet
  •          Check your credit report every 6-12 months
  •          Install a firewall or virus software on your home computer
  •          Don’t go to tax preparers who advertise on a telephone pole or ask you to sign a blank return
  •          Don’t give personal information over the phone, mail or internet
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