Coral Gables Trolley Program to Expand

Trolley side view - 1

The Coral Gables Trolley program is a service that provides fare free, convenient transportation connecting Downtown Coral Gables to surrounding areas including the Metrorail system. It has proven to be very successful in its purpose to reduce local traffic congestion and alleviate parking requirements. Since November 2003, just over 10 years ago, the program has provided these transportation services to Coral Gables residents, commuters, and visitors to the community.

The Trolley serves about 5,000 commuters daily, which frees up local car trips by 20 percent. Funding for the program stems from the Miami-Dade County Half Penny Transportation Surtax, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Coral Gables recently announced that it plans to extend the trolley service to the neighborhoods east of U.S. 1. A study is now being conducted to establish how this will be put into effect. The commission expects a report outlining the costs and the fulfillment plan by May. 

The resolution was proposed by Commissioner Vince Lago who agreed with a study but still supports the idea. 

Although several steps are still left, its safe to say we will probably see an expansion of the trolley service in the near future.